Vanessa Lagaert, Belgian visual artist, born 1979, mother of a beautiful daughter.

She lives and works in Merelbeke. As a coach she guides others on their way.

In addition, she brings others to the essence of their being through workshops on intuitive painting. As an autodidact she found her way into the world of creation. She gets her inspiration from her daily philosophy of life. For her, creation is a form of emptying in order to fully come into being.

Vanessa likes to let you stand still, to let you go into communication. Pressing the pause button to look deeper. Through the layers, through the chaos, towards the structure, or just the other way around? What does it look like up close, what do you see or experience when you take some distance?


In her works the concept of time is woven into every facet, there is no past, present, future, there is only being. The works require time, time to record, time to look, time to experience. Take a seat, sit in front of a work of art, give yourself time, this time gives you a journey into time where time doesn't exist.

Feel, live, experience, look, and listen to what it can tell you.

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